Saturday, November 19, 2011

4AGE 20V Blacktop + Haltech Platinum Sprint 500

Another Standalone Project for a customer driving a 4AGE 20 Valve Blacktop,this time the chosen engine management is Haltech Platinum Sprint 500.

This is whats included in the ECU package.For this project,a full harness install was opted,this is because the old wires is not in good condition and using whole new wiring have its advantages.

 The old wiring is being stripped,and the stock ecu wiring is being separated and pulled out.Only the needed connectors are being saved.On most FWD Toyotas,ecu wiring is bundle together with other wiring such as starter, altenator, and air conditioning, so there is a lot of wires need to be separated and tagged.

The new Haltech harness is being laid out on the stock wiring.

 Soldering on progress,all wires soldered and shrink wrapped for trouble free operation.

The finished wiring and installs.This engine run on wasted spark,with stock crank angle sensor still retained. However,the Sprint 500 have the ability to run on complete sequential ignition (4 individual coils) if the owner have enough budget. The engine is completely stock except for the extractor and trumpets.

First time starting is much easier with the VE tuning function on the new Platinum series. Finding base map is quick and idle is much more stable. The car is very much drivable after starting. This whole project takes only 3 nights from wiring to finished dyno tuning.(A total of 8 hours of work)

 The dyno result,almost 137whp but with a lot of torque, which is among the highest torque from stock Blacktop i've tuned. Now before you readers saying 'Why using Haltech only managed to get 137whp',honestly  i am also quite dissapointed with this result as i'm targeting at least 140whp,but since me and the owner never dyno the stock HP output before Haltech installation, we cannot judge this HP output is not good.There is a lot of significant factors that determines each engine output other than the ECU.

Firstly is the engine condition itself, how healthy is the internals, then the specs of the exhaust and other add on parts. 3rd is the fuel used,which in this case is RON95. Stand alone and tuner itself can't do magic without the aid of a good internals.What stand alone can do is optimize over the stock ECU. The only way to know how much improvement this Haltech installation gives is by letting the owner drive the car as he is the only one knows better how his car drives before.

A short test drive after dyno confirmed that a significant increase and power and response by the owner.He said his mid silencer is broken which might affect the HP output, however he's very satisfied with the outcome of the stand alone.Plus that launch rev limiter really excites him :-)

We will be back on the dyno for this project to see how much improvement with mildly ported and polished cylinder head with 0.8mm metal head gasket, new mid silencer and adjustable pulley on the exhaust cam, so stay tuned.

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